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Our main objective is to provide value information about Singapore Cycling and Running Event on cycling, marathon, aquathlon, duathlon, biathlon, Triathlon and vertical climb. On top of that, we also provide value information about the running preparation tips, cycling preparation tips, safety tips, training plans, nutrition tips, hydration tips, news from National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Ministry of Transport (MOT).

We happily sharing our own training experience, sharing our training plan that able to achieve our goal, and many more things to share ….. [/tab] [/tabs]

[tabs style=”1″] [tab title=”My First Cycle Event”]Benefit of Cycle

Beginning of the year, I told my friend that I feel my knee paint after every time of jogging. I ask them is there any exercise that have less stress to my knee. My friend suggest me that why not try to ride bicycle. So I decided to give a try, after a couple of cycling. I personally feel that cycle is much less stress to my knee compared with jogging. I can ride 30 km to 50 km with no pain for my knee, but for every time I go for jogging, I will suffer knee pain even just run about 3 km.

Another exercise that my friend suggest is swimming. So most of my training will be cycling and swimming. But I will still spend some training on jogging, usually I target about 3 to 5 km and not more than 5 km.

 [/tab] [tab title=”What do you need”]Equip with proper equipment

In order to ride a bicycle, we will need:

  • Helmet
  • Bicycle
  • Front light and rear light
  • Water bottle
  • A pair of shoe

That’s all you need. if you want to ride more comfort, you may consider cycle shorts or cycle bib. It may come with vary size and style, in generally either cycle shorts or cycle bib come with pad which let you feel more comfortable while you cycling.

If you want have more speed, you may consider to have road bike shoes. But this will come some extra cost with it, you need to change the bike peddle and road bike shoes.

Maybe you want to feel more style, you may consider to have a cycle jerseys.  [/tab] [tab title=”Different Bike in Market”]How many different bikes are there

In the market, there are many type of bike, like:

  • Racing bikes – also known as road bike. They are designed for speed but you may not feel as comfortable as compare to other type of bikes. If you like to speed, you should choose road bike. Due to this bike come with light weight frame and combination gear, it is most expensive bike among of them. 
  • Hybrid bikes – is a combination between the mountain and racing style bicycles. It will give you more speed than mountain bike,  more comfortable than road bike and ideally for riding on streets, connector park and riding to work too.
  • Mountain bikes –  if you like rough mountain tracks, you should choose this bike. This mountain bike not only give you comfort, it also good to use use on rough ground and cycle around in the towns or cities.
  • BMX bikes – will be known as Bicycle Motocross. 
  • and many others type of bikes 

 [/tab] [/tabs] [tabs style=”1″] [tab title=”Choose the bike that suit you, Not you suit the bike”]Comfortable is the most important key

Before I choose which bike, I do some research on what kind of the bike that to give me a good start. After doing the research I decided to choose racing bike as I like to speed around, for my wife as she want more comfortable riding, she prefer the hybrid bike.

What is the point having a bike that you suffer back pain, discomfort riding, and feeling stress on every ride.

Choose the right bike is very important and the bike that We choose should suit our riding style. [/tab] [tab title=”Safety Come First”]Safety is the most important issue

Wearing a helmet will be enhance personal safety. Some of us may feel that wearing helmet will cause uncomfortable, even my wife also feel uncomfortable, but I told my wife, no matter what the reason you have, you have to wear it to protect your head. 

Choose the right color of front light and rear light. Front light i usually use white color. The reason is to have a better view on the road condition. For the rear light will be red light. 

I will prefer install 2 rear light, the reason is both rear lights are install at the back of the bike either on the seat, back of the helmet or hock on the back of jersey. Its’ create a better awareness and will help other road users alert about us. The most important is since both rear light install back of the bike, I will not be able aware about my rear light all of sudden fail for any reason. So if I install only one rear light, especially cycle at night time, this situation will put me extremely danger position. Other road users will not be able aware about me as a cyclist cycle on the road. [/tab] [/tabs]

[tabs style=”2″] [tab title=”My First  Marathon”]Set A Target:

I decided to set my 1st marathon will be 10km, although 10km is not a long distance. But for good starting point, I decided to choose 10 km as starting point. But the problem is I do not have any experience running such a long distance. In order to have a good start for training, I come out 3 step training plan that able fulfill my 2 conditions.

The first condition is not suffer any muscle pain after the training. I hate that kind of feeling of suffering muscle pain for the whole day after the training. This problem is affected my daily life and affected my working life too. When ever I move my muscle, I will feel the pain. I feel this muscle pain is torture my mind and it will cause my temper uncontrollable. When I loss my temper, it will mess out my family relationship, my friends relationship and my colleague relationship too.

Second condition is not loss of motivation. My training plan should not feel boring after a couple of training session and start to loss out interest to keep continue training. Beginning of my training stage, I will set target small but big achievement at the end. So I decided to choose 10 Km Marathon for my 1st achievement.[/tab] [tab title=”My 3-Stage Training”]First stage is warning up the muscle.

Second stage is let the muscle get use to the training.

Third stage is to slowly break the limit.

I always believed that everyone of us has his or her own limit. But we have big dream to be achieved. So I decided to start a small step for each time, although my training plan consume a lot of time and will be take very long time to achieve my target. But as long as at the end of the day, I will be able achieved my target.[/tab] [tab title=”1st-Stage Training”]First stage is warning up the muscle:

I plan to start small and achieve big. So I decided to start walking about 300 meter, than run for 500 meter and walk for 300 meter. You may think that it sound a bit stupid and even my wife also laugh at me. She told me that she will not believe that I able to run 10 km after completed my training.

Warming up is very important before start to run, I remember the first time my wife and I start the first training. I told my wife since we stop exercise for couple of years, we need to do warming up exercise before we start to jogging.

I told her we need to stretch our muscle slowly and in a gentle way. I don’t know why she so excited and before we start to do warming up, she injure herself as she over stretch her muscle so end up we call off a day, without continue any training. She feel so painful that has difficulty to walk back home, so I need to hold her and slowly walk back home, this is our first day training. This incident will always keep remind me that not over stretch my muscle, I will do it slowly and gentle way to warming up my muscle.[/tab] [tab title=”2nd-Stage Training”]Second stage is let the muscle get use to the training:

When come to second stage, after training for a period of time, my body muscle had get used to the training distance and the style. Then it is the time to break my limit. I decided to increase my limit by little bit, so I still maintain a walking distance about 200 meter to warm up the muscle. Then run about 1 km, after that walk about 300 meter to cold down. 

Every time my muscle get used to it, I will increase my limit again by a little bit. I decided to increase about 500 meter for every process. This process will keep repeat again and again until hit my limit.

I understand that it may take a bit long time to achieve my goal, anyway my target is finish my race. So for the rest of training, I will only focus on how can I complete my training and able to run for 10km. [/tab] [/tabs]


[tabs style=”2″] [tab title=”3rd-Stage Training”]Third stage is to slowly break the limit:

I must understand that everybody has the limit, the challenge is find a way to achieve the goal. I will slowly break my limit and able achieve high target. I understand that this process may long time, so I must have a strong reason for me to keep move on. I will not over load my muscle and my emotion. I will keep remind myself that don’t ever said that I could not make it.[/tab] [tab title=”Training Plan – 1″]Set A Training Plan – 1: 

I set my training plan will be have two days interval for each training carry out. The reason is allow my body muscle get enough rest. Whenever I rest for more than 6 days due to any reason, I will restart the process to stage one. Average interval training day for me will be 3 to 4 days.

So if more than 6 days, I will be start to run for 2 to 3 km or even less. I try not to burden myself just because I need to complete my weekly target. I want to make my training within my limit and beyond my reach. I want to make my training more interesting and enjoyable. I don’t want to make my training very boring and slowly loss my interest. I don’t want train too hard and causing my muscle now and then feels the pain. The worst thing is make the training so miserable. To me training must be enjoying, relax, feel goodness of sweating.[/tab] [tab title=”Training Plan – 2″]Set A Training Plan – 2: 

We need to change our training program periodic so that we don’t feel boring or stressful during training time. I always set my target is finish the race not focus on timing. This will help motivate us keep running at the same place again and again, keep doing the same thing again and again. In order to have some fun, I will try to run at different course or different place. This will allow me feel much more excited during running time and enjoy the scene.

I prefer choose nature park for my training, I personally feel that that air will be much more better compare running on the road. The most important issue is I concern about road safety while running on the side of the road and crossing the traffic light.  I prefer run at the nature park, not only the air is much more fresh compare to running on the road, it also feel much more less pressure and feel more leisure. [/tab] [tab title=”Choose The Time”]Choose the right time for your training:

Choose the right time for your training, choose the time that your feel comfortable, some people feel that morning is the best time, some people may think that evening is the best. I prefer run either at evening or at night, I like to run at night because the weather is cool and I feel comfortable. After a long day work, taking dinner together after that spend some time with my kids on home work and then wait for my kids go to bed, by the time will be about 9 pm to 9.30 pm. Running at night, my wife and I will be able running together. Throughout the whole day, I busy with work and my wife busy with house work and with kids, we getting less time spending together, I make use this opportunity to spend some time together with my wife and by running together, both of us able to gain health and relationship building.[/tab] [tab title=”Buddy System”]Buddy system is a good way for training together:

If you have the partner, both of you will be able encouraged each other and motivate each other not to give up easily. You will get encouraged to catch up each other record and also able to break own limit. Whenever my wife saw me break my own limit or record. In directly she gain the encourage and try to break her own limit, she also gets motivated to break her own limit, she will focus on her record and not focus on catching up my running speed or my running distance. In her mind, only focus on breaks her own limit. Buddy system gets courage by running together, when one of them saw the partner has broken his or her own limit, this will also motivate him or her to break his or her own limit. I spend good time with my wife running at night, both of us get courage and motivate each other to keep it up and don’t give it out easily. [/tab]



[tabs style=”2″] [tab title=”Track Record:”]Tracking own record is importance:

It is good to have mobile app help to keep track our running record, the function of mobile app can be like locking GPS, showing my running track, my average time to complete 1km, what is the distance and many more functions. I am more focus on completed my race, not about how fast able to complete the race. I know what is my limit, if I focus on timing, my stamina run out fast, my muscle easily get cramp and I will feel very stressful. So I choose to focus on complete my race, I want a relax way to complete my race. [/tab]


[tab title=”Lack of proper rest”]Lack of proper rest or recovery:

Training interval is very important and it affected our body muscle manage get recover in time and prepare for the next training. 

Lack of sufficient sleep will result in poor recovery as during our sleep, our body muscle get build up, our knee and joint get repair. Not only that, sufficient sleep also allow our red cell manage delivering the right nutrients to the right part of our body for recovery. [/tab] [tab title=”Lack of Training”]Lack of training can cause injury and metal stress:

Training take effort and time consume in order to build up stamina sufficient enough to complete the 10 km marathon. Insufficient training will cause muscle cramp easily and our metal also not ready for running such a long distance.

Running 10 km marathon is a long process and to me, it is a process that just keep my two legs moving. Although it sound like the process is simple but many people has difficulty to achieve it. Running for 10 km is within my reach but it is beyond my limit to keep running non stop. So I set a stupid plan, run what ever i can and walk to the end of the race. Set small target and plan to achieve. Although it may took longer time to complete for 10 km.

But, unfortunately in real life most of the time our plan will not work accordingly. Lack of training cause me not only muscle cramp and also blow out my spirit to finish the race. So for that on, I finally understand that lack of training not only bring the pain to body muscle, it also affected mentally stress, loss of interest for the next training and also loss of confidence to complete the race.

For the next round marathon, I will make sure that I had sufficient training before I go for the race.[/tab] 


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